Boost Your Indoor Plants With UV Light

garden_lamp2Undoubtedly, it is good news for the indoor plant growers, as they can derive the benefits of indoor growing by replicating the optimal growing conditions for their indoor crops. Thanks to the advanced UV technology with the aid of some unique horticultural UV bulbs, an indoor plant grower can able to mimic all the seasons ranging from Spring to Fall in order to grow their indoor plants. For more information on this subject, the concerned individuals can make use of the website to know more about the role of UV bulbs while growing the indoor plants.

More often the concept of UV light is less known to the indoor plant growers. Hence, this article is primarily written to educate those indoor plant growers, so that they can make use of this available facility to grow their plants in the grow rooms. According to the experts, the UV-A and UV-B are considered highly beneficial to the herbs especially the aromatic herbs which form over thirty percent of the whole plant species of the plant kingdom.

Ultraviolet light, shortly known as UV light is the kind of light energy emitted from the wide light spectrum. This UV emission is a kind of electromagnetic radiation which is derived from the natural light. According to the experts, these UV light is categorized into three main types in accordance to their wavelengths, namely, UVA, UVB and UVC with their wavelengths ranging from 400 nm to 100 nm

Compact fluorescents (CFLs), Light emitting ceramics (LEC), Double Ended bulbs (DE), and High Kelvin blue sodium lamps are all the bulbs that are recommended by the experts as these bulbs radiate UV lights from the high UV spectrums. Whether you use these bulbs directly or indirectly, your plants in your grow rooms are sure to get extraordinary benefit from these electric bulb devices.

One cannot refrain from appreciating the defense mechanism possessed by the leaves of these herbs from the UV radiation. Mother Nature has created such a design of these leaves from these plants. According to the experts, the Trichomes form on the leaf’s top layer acts as a perfect barrier between the leaf and the UV radiation and the defense system designed by these plants makes the plant to increase its essential oil production. Studies on Basil and Mint plants have revealed the fact that oil production is doubled when these herbs are exposed to UV radiations emitted by the UV bulbs. Interestingly, such exposed plants increase their culinary value by adding more flavor as well as aroma, which attract many chefs from all parts of the world.

While growing plants in your grow rooms for medicinal properties, culinary reasons or even for creating beauty, it is always recommended to supplement your crops with the right amount of UV radiations which automatically takes your indoor garden status to the next higher level. Hence, do not wait! Look for your UV bulb supplier who can assist you in giving the right and appropriate UV bulbs for your indoor plants to grow in an optimal environment to yield profitable results for your garden venture.

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