Do You Have Hair Loss Or Baldness? Book Your Spa Time Today!


Hair loss is the loss of hair from scalp or hair which is the common problem for both male and female. Approximately 90% of hair grows constantly for two to six years and other 10% hair lies in the resting position that lasts only for two to three months. The number of hairs varies from person to person from 1, 00,000 to more and sheds about 50-100 hairs daily.

If you face a huge amount of hair loss per day, you must give extra care for your hair. There are various hair massage and therapy available in the hair spa or salon that boosts the hair scalp and growth. You can make your booking in the best salon in your city by downloading the salon booking app on your mobile device.

Once a hair shed down, new hair begins to grow from the same follicle on your scalp and the same hair cycle continues like falling and growing again. Deepening on your age, the hair growth rate decreases. On an average of one and a half inch of scalp hair grows per month.

Some of the important reasons for hair loss are hormone changes, illness, trauma, aging, hereditary balances, the existence of ringworms in the scalp, more level of Vitamin A in the body, sudden weight loss, deficiency of proteins, iron etc.

After the hair fall, if hair does not grow automatically from the same follicle then it results in baldness. You can try different hair replacement surgeries and treatment to retain and maintain your hair. If you have complete baldness, then the hair replacement treatment works effectively for your entire hair.

For hair transplantation treatment, hair available at the back and sides is essential since these perform as the donator for replacement treatment. Three major replacement surgeries available are hair transplant, scalp reduction and tissue expansion. In the hair transplant method, hair from the back and sides are relocated to the thinning area. In scalp reduction method, the scalp in the bald area is removed using hair-balding scalp and filled in the bald portions. A tissue expander device is used in the Tissue expansion method. This device supports in new breed cells in the bald portion.

In spite of several methods available in hair treatment surgeries, there are several complications available in surgeries. The difficulties in hair transplant include patchy hair growth, bleeding in the scalp, infection, relocating the grafts properly or otherwise another surgery is required.

For the hair replacement surgeries, you must visit the surgeon’s office for an initial consultation as an outpatient. Once the surgery is finalized you must admit in the hospital as per the doctor’s advice. Before the surgery either local or general anesthesia will be given to you.

The hair transplantation surgery longs for two to three hours and it may extend if there are gaps between each session. It requires at least a month or two for the shedding of the grafted hair after the surgery and then the new hair growth takes place. To appear the hair more natural, you must take surgical touch-ups.

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