Effect Of Peptides For Weight Loss


Lots of studies have been conducted based on using research peptides for human consumption. The FDA has not yet approved the use of drugs for human beings. Many types of research have been conducted to understand to use peptides for treating various ailments. Weight reduction industry is not to be left behind in this. There are many positive effects that can help in weight reduction in humans. Peptides are not safe for consumption and lot of debate is going on for getting it approved. The new experimental drug called as Adipotide is supposed to help in fighting against cancer. American Science Labs has even released an experimental dosage that can only be used for research but for human consumption. Many articles have been published on the growth hormone effects of research peptides such as this one: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4641233/

According to some of the research reports, Adipotide can be used a potential drug for the treatment of cancer. While testing on animals, it is supposed to have removed all the cancer cells by cutting down the blood circulation that is flowing to them. They also discovered that they acted the same way on the fat cells in the animal’s body as well. By effectively cutting them off the body, it reduces the weight thus acting as the weight reduction agent. When fat cells are reduced, they help in weight loss and stops the body from building in more fat as well.

It works by attaching itself to the arteries and then destroying the arteries that feed the fat cells. Fat cells are also removed from the blood and then more fat cells are shredded by the body. This effect of the peptides has been tested on various species of animals. Monkeys and other overweight animals were used for testing. The monkeys showed severe shedding in stomach fat and increased metabolism. Approximately after treating them for a month, they reduced 11% of their body fat and 27% decrease in the stomach fat alone. This is huge reduction considering that the reduction has happened on the fat cells which one of the reasons for being overweight.

Another important effect is that the animals did not acquire any sickness or side effects associated the usage of the drug. They seem to eat less and the appetite seems to have reduced. The appetite center of the brain was continuously sending a message that its full. This lead to lesser consumption of food and increased metabolism. Since this sounds perfect way for reducing weight, if approved, the peptide can have a similar effect. The Adipotide seems to be the perfect solution for the weight loss as it reduces fat and overall food consumption.

Apart from the research results above, the tested primates also showed signs of dehydration and a slight decrease in their potassium and phosphorous levels in the body. Some showed a minimum effect in affecting the kidneys. Once the drug was discontinued, these effects seem to have vanished from the animals. There have been no clinical trials on humans yet. It could be a boon to people who are suffering from excessive weight gain.

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