Here Are The Benefits Of Playing Piano, Tapping Those Enticing Musical Notes


The piano is the music of the soul. The musical notes have a soothing and smooth flow that soothes the mind even when you are in deep depression or angst. Music is long known to have a strong impact on physical and also mental health of an individual. It is said that even hospital intensive care units sometimes use slow, soft music to soothe ailing patients and calm their sensitive souls and bodies. Among all the musical instruments, piano holds a special position as it is said to produce music from the deep souls. It is the most beautiful creative expression of feelings hidden within the inner soul. When you set out to buy a piano, make sure you get one of the best available in the market. Pianos like Williams legato 88-key digital piano make a great choice. The web page had recently published an article about the positive impacts of piano music.

Here are some of the great benefits of playing those enchanting notes:

Benefits For The Body

Playing the piano has its own special psychological and also physical benefits. In the case of young kids, playing the piano on a regular basis improves their motor abilities and boosts up the coordination between eyes and hands. In older people playing the piano regularly has proved to increase the level of human growth hormones which in turn slows down the process of ageing. Also, soothing music is scientifically proven to improve heart health, improve breathing rates, reduce stress and anxiety. It also lowers down the chances of cardiac complications and helps in lowering blood pressure too. It even increases your immune response.

Hone Up Those Intellect Skills

Practising the piano on a regular basis is said to hone up intellectual and also cognitive skills of a person. It is scientifically proven than playing the piano regularly activates those parts of the brain that is used to improve reasoning and mathematical abilities. It is also proven to improve one ‘s verbal memories. When a group of kids were observed, it was proved that kids who regularly plays the piano had about 20% higher vocal memory power than other kids. These kids were also observed to have much better habits, creativity, focus in doing things, perseverance, and diligence. They tend to retain and remember the lectures taught in classes much more. It also increases the spatial, temporal abilities which help in solving maths problems, engineering and also science. If one starts playing the piano from a very young age, many positive structural changes occur in the brain and remain so until the end of one’s life.

Smoothing Souls

Playing the piano and listening to those melodious musical notes is said to improve the mental health of people. Such people are less prone to loneliness, anxiety issues and depressions. It is said to boost the self-esteem of people and also provide relief from stress and anxiety. People suffering from disorders like Attention Deficit Disorder is often advised listening to piano music as a therapy for their souls.

Piano is undoubtedly a blessing for the humanity, and the melodious tunes are said to move even the hard rocks!

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