Is It Time To Opt For Assisted Living For Your Elderly Members


Are you under constant stress while at work thinking about whether your parents are safe at home? Did your elderly family member just forget to off the gas stove? Are neighbors telling you that your parents no longer talk much? Are you thinking up of contacting services like Granny Nannies? Worried if you can afford them? These are all queries that run in your mind when you have aged people at home. You may want to be their sole caretaker. However, there are always bills to pay and you cannot afford to stay away from work. Take a look at for more information.

When do you know it’s time to make a move?

Your elderly members are not safe
Upon aging, some people may lose their concentration, memory and develop physical /mental disabilities. Many times they will start forgetting their way or if they have kept something on the stove. They may forget to lock the doors too. All these situations are so dangerous. You cannot ignore the fact that they may hurt themselves. At this point, it is always better that you turn to assisted living for greater safety. There, trained and skilled helpers will be present to help your loved ones with their daily needs.

They miss social life
Some people may have been very active during their youth. They would have always been in the company of their friends, relatives or colleagues. When they grow old and are unable to leave the house on their own, they will start missing the happiness they got from their social life. These types of elders will enjoy the company they receive at an assisted living place. They will get friends of their age group and can once more enjoy social activities. Many places have recreational activities and games. So your elderly members will surely love staying there.

You feel the stress of being the only caretaker
Sometimes life gets too stressful that you cannot manage everything on your own. You may have to juggle your work, daily household chores, family and care for elders as well. While you try your best, you may feel that you are leaving out many responsibilities. At this point, consider whether the elders need more care and support. If yes, do approach a home which will be dedicated to their care.

Help with daily activities
Elders may need the help of others for their daily needs. They may need assistance with bathing and personal needs, eating, climbing stairs, doing their shopping, etc. This is not just for one single day; they will need help for extended periods. This makes it necessary to have someone constantly with them. While at your place, he /she may feel bad asking for help all the time. If they are at an assisted living home, people trained for such services will always be present. It will be convenient and comfortable for both the parties.

Think of what would give your elderly members happiness and comfort at this age and then take the right decision before it is too late!

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