Key Reasons To Conduct A Background Check Before Hiring


If you are a hiring manager, you must be aware that every time when you want to fill a job vacancy, you must consider a few things. You must publish the job description in online sites so that the interested candidates can submit their resumes. Then you must verify all the job applications and select the qualified applicants for interviews. Some organizations do phone interviews as part of their initial screening process followed by a personal interview with the shortlisted candidates. The information given by the employee during the interview helps the employer to make a hiring decision.

Wait a second! You have missed employment background checks in the hiring process. Before taking the hiring decision, you must do a thorough background screening which is the core part of the selection process. The site narrates the importance of background check process given by the US Federal Trade Commission. The main reasons why you want to do background check are explained below.

The crucial reason why many companies do a background check is to find out the criminal history of any job applicant. Hiring the applicants with criminal convictions is risky to your company. The criminal charges applicants are unreliable, untrustworthy and dangerous and in simple terms, they are not suitable for the job opening. At times, the criminal charges are out of date, minor or irrelevant to the job. Whatever may be the case, an employer must know the facts to make a right hiring decision.
A background check reveals prior infractions that may affect an employee potential to perform work. Apart from criminal history, the background checks will include credit history, driving record, and other useful information. Sometimes, a driving record with multiple license suspension or missed payments of credit history reveals an applicant is not potential to do a certain type of job. You must avoid such applicants when hiring for a job position that includes driving and handling of cash.
The background check gives you a complete picture of the job applicant. Most applicants perform well during the interview and try to impress you the maximum. Also, they may exclude some details about their past job or other vital information in their resume. Running background check can support you find out hidden information about the candidate and can make an informed decision whether to hire the applicant or not.

During the interview, you may come across some dangerous applicants, and background checks help you identify sex offenders to violent criminals. Being an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure drug-free work environment. Background checks help you find out the applicants who have been charged with drug abuse in the past. You can do the drug abuse test for all the candidates, and you can eliminate the drug users from the application pool.

Also in a background check, education and employment of the applications are verified. You need this information to find out the honesty of an applicant.

In simple words, you can’t make a right hiring decision without conducting a background check to know more details about the applicant as much as possible.

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