Know About The Various Types of Weed Strains

Types of Weed Strains

Cannabis or marijuana plants are used for several purposes. People look for the best weed strains in the cannabis plant. There are several types of weed strains available in the market. The strongest and most potent weed strains are popular all over the world. From these cannabis strains listed below, you can have a clear understanding of various factors like its appearance, color, aroma, THC and CBD levels, potency and effects. Know about the reviews of popular grow lights for growing cannabis indoors. The following talks about the different types of weed strains that are available in the market.

Sativa Weed Strains
This type of weed strains comes with thin leaves and possesses a large flowering cycle. They can grow to a height of about 12-25 feet.

The following weed strains belong to Sativa

Sour Diesel Strain: It is one of the strongest and potent Sativa strains. The THC content is about 20-25%. It is also a legendary weed strain in the market. Sour Diesel offers excellent medicinal benefits. It is used for treating stress, pain, and anxiety-related problems.

Durban Poison Strain: This Sativa strain originated from South Africa. It is considered as the purest form of Sativa weed strains. They come in a variety of flavors that are used for medical and recreational purposes.

Jack Herer Strain: It is one of the top cannabis strains which is known for its uplifting effects on the body. The THC content of this strain is generally high. It is used for patients suffering from mental disorders.

Indica Weed Strains
The Indica weed strains are generally fat leaves and come with a short flowering cycle. They are small plants that grow up to six feet. They come in various flavors. The following are some of the weed strains of Indica weed strain type.

Grand Daddy Purp Strain: This Indica weed strain is known for offering relaxing and joyful effects. It is mainly used for treating sleeping disorders and relieves pain.

Zkittlez Strain: This Indica type of weed strain has won several awards. It is known for its various medicinal properties. The dominant flavor of the strain makes it widely popular among cannabis users.

Northern Light Strain: This type of strain is suitable for recreational, medicinal and growers. It is the preferred choice of professional smokers.

Hybrid Weed Strain
Hybrid weed strain is a combination of Sativa and Indica weed strains. It possesses the characteristics of the above two types of weeds strains.

Blue Dream Weed Strain: It is one of the popular hybrid weed strains with the properties of both Sativa and Indica weeds. The THC level of this strain goes up to 20 percent. The origin of this strain is unknown. It comes with a fruity and floral flavor. It is an ideal strain for socializing events.

Gorilla Glue Strain: It is a weed strain that is in high demand in all countries. It is known for its high potency and good flavor. This type of strain is a perfect blend of both Indica and Sativa strain in an equal amount. It helps in treating insomnia and stress-related issues.

The above gives a clear overview of the various types of weed strains

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