New Cars That You Can Look Forward To In 2017

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As always the automobile world is introducing new cars every year and 2017 is no exception. There are plenty of cars that are coming up which makes us wish if 2017 would be here already. From electric cars to luxury cars, there are plenty of cars that you can choose from. Auto News Center brings you the names of all the latest cars that are coming up in the year 2017. While on one hand the number of vehicles are increasing per year as per the website it is impossible to stop yourself from indulging into that car you love the most. Take a look at some of these and we hope it helps you in your decision making process.

Renault Alpine Coupe
Renault Alpine is the resurrection of the first Alpine sports car that is known for its rallying. Renault is looking to rebuild its sports car identity that it seems to have lost over years to cars like Porsche. Alpine coupe has a mid-engine design and it is said to be one of the lightest cars in the sports car section. Therefore, with their focus on building a lighter car, the engine should also be subsequently small and at the same time capable of handling great speeds as well. If I has the perfect blend between the price and performance, this has to be a game winner that will prove to be a worthy rival to the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Audi A5
The Audi A5 sports car is undergoing some major renovation at the moment. The new A5 has already hit the market and it will be joined by the A5 sportback. With the same styling and world-class interior that is found in the higher ranges such as A4 and A5. The engine has two petrol and three diesels providing a combination of both economy as well as superior performance.

Audi Q5
By the end of 2016, the age old Audi Q5 will undergo major transformation to come with an all new model. Although everything is kept hush-hush at the moment, it is said to have larger grille and slim shoulder lines which is not available in other Audi models now. The lighter, cheaper and better car seems to be very promising already. The interior of the car is said to have the virtual cockpit digital instrument display.

BMW i5 is focussed on being ultra-efficient cars that has hybrid power. Not much information is available yet about the i5 yet. However, it is believed that it has a cross over style seating that can accommodate five people similar to that of the other cars in the ‘i’ series. The primary focus of these cars is in controlling the CO2 emissions for leaving lesser carbon footprints in future.

Citroen Grand Cactus SUV
The upcoming Citroen Grand Cactus is similar to that of C4 Cactus. C4 cactus was awarded Car of the year for its innovative style concepts in the year 2015.

With plenty of options in store, one can only hope that the automobile industry is all set for new era of beasts in the year 2017.

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