Steps To Grow Marijuana Outdoors Using Pots

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Marijuana growers prefer growing marijuana plants outdoors as it is cost-effective. There are several benefits of growing marijuana outdoors. There is no need to install light fixtures or offer ventilation to cannabis plants. Growing marijuana outdoors provides natural sunlight and gives room for tall plants. It is also possible to increase the yield when growing marijuana outdoors. Visit the site to know about the ways to improve the yields of marijuana plants. You can find a full list here on the steps to grow marijuana outdoors using pots. The following would serve as a guide to help beginners to grow cannabis outdoors.

Choose the Right Type of Cannabis Strain
There are various types of strains of cannabis commonly grown by marijuana growers. Choose strains that offer better yields. Choose a strain that suits the climatic conditions of your area. There are popular cannabis strains that offer a higher amount of yields. There are specific strain types that flourish in cold climates.

Decide On a Suitable Location
When growing marijuana outdoors it is important to choose the right grow location. Choose a location that is exposed to consistent sunlight. A maximum of six hours of sunlight is required for the optimum growth of cannabis plants. This would help in the healthy growth of marijuana. Choose a location where there is plenty of air circulation so as to avoid overheating. Proper air circulation prevents the growth of fungus and molds. Marijuana growers prefer privacy when growing cannabis plants. Thus choose a private and secure place for growing marijuana. It is also important to grow cannabis plants out of view from others.

Grow Marijuana In Right Pots
When growing marijuana outdoors, pots are an excellent way to grow marijuana. It makes it easier for growers to move the pots with the cannabis pots to the desired location. There are different types of pots that can be used for growing cannabis. Classic lay pot is mostly used by marijuana growers. Old buckets or PVC tubs can be reused for growing cannabis. The water retention of these types of grow pots is high. This avoids over watering cannabis plants. Smart pot is another type of cannabis grow pot with more holes. Thus helps to drain out extra water content from the pants.

Prepare The Grow Medium
Soil is the most commonly used grow medium for growing cannabis plants. It is important that you make the soil ready for growing canopy plants. The soil must be made loose and fluffy so that water or air enters the soil. This helps in absorbing water thus prevents frequent drying of the soil. Make the soil fertile by adding up compost regularly. This would make the organic matter available to the plants

Water Your Plants
Water marijuana regularly or when the soil looks dry. Watering is required to grow high-quality marijuana plants. Watering the plants is important during the summer season.

Eliminate Male Plants
Male cannabis plants are responsible for pollinating the female ones. Remove male plants as it affects the yield rate of female cannabis plants.

The above tips would be of great use for marijuana growers.

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