Ten Tips For Using The Herbal Leaves

tumblr_inlineKratom is becoming famous in recent years because of its wide range of benefits. The biological name of this plant is Mitragyna Speciosa. It has been consumed by people for centuries in South East Asian countries. It acts as a stimulant, medicine, and also used for spiritual purposes. It became very popular in European countries before several decades and is now getting popular in America since a few years. The leaves of the plant offer many benefits and it is either crushed by hands or ground before use. Some people experience its taste by mixing it with tea and other products. Here are ten tips on how to use it.

Tribal people living in Southern Thailand dry the leaves to eat larger amount. It causes sickness when gulping the nibbled leaves and also it is tough to nibble the dried leaves. The well-dried kratom leaves are difficult to chew because it has a bitter taste.

The second method of consuming it is called ‘Tash and Wash’. It is a straightforward approach where you want to toss the powder and wash it downward with water. It is an easy approach since it takes only less time and yields lovely results.

The next method is you can take it with fruit juices which have high acidic content like grapefruit or lemon. It becomes stronger when reacted with the certain soluble acids. You can also mix it with beverages and consume.

The next tip to take it is by brewing the dried leaves to make tea. For this, you must boil the dried leaves in water for 10 to 20 minutes. You can repeat the same procedure for a couple of times by boiling with the same leaves again for several times. Some users have included lemon or mix it with lime which gives alkaloids effect in the brewing tea.

If you find it hard to eat the dried leaves or powder because of the bitter taste then you can mix yogurt with it. Yogurt reduces the bitterness and makes it easy for you to eat. You can try vanilla yogurt or chocolate yogurt.

The sixth method is preparing smoothies which add acidity to it and decrease its bitterness. You can mix the lime, lemon or grapefruit juice with its powder or juice. You can reduce the sour taste by mixing fruit fruits with the powder or the leaves. It is also mixed with ice creams and milk if you didn’t like its bitterness.

Some tribal people live in Asian countries, smoke the leaves. But it is not advised to smoke the leaves because it is not good for oral digestion. It is also less efficient method than the other methods of eating the herbal leaves.

Some people have tried curries and cookies using the leaves and claim good outcomes. You can take it with hot seasoned foods and its sour taste becomes heavy.

Apart from consuming it as food, there are some people who use it for external purposes like for curing the wounds, herbal baths and many other reasons. Before purchasing the product or powder you must ensure whether it is of high-quality to use.

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