The Myths Of Buying And Using Leather Furniture

leather furnitureLeather sofa sets and other furniture were once seen as hefty, expensive pieces that only the rich and influential bought. With the introduction of better industrial practices and technology, these statement-making pieces of furniture became more affordable and came in more styles. Many people who visit come to clear their heads and tackle some of the more believable myths about leather furniture. states that the sofa set in your house is almost always the deciding factor for the theme of your living room. This creates a tug of war between wanting to invest in leather furniture and wondering if the hype is worth it.

The first myth is that all leather furniture is ridiculously expensive and not worth the price. The average sofa undergoes many trials and tribulations every day, and a leather sofa is no different. Just because it looks expensive doesn’t mean it has to be expensive necessarily. However, considering how often you need to replace a regular sofa, a leather sofa is more of an investment. The older leather becomes, the more beautifully it settles into its form. A gorgeous natural patina is often seen in well-kept leather furniture.

A well-made, well-cared for the sofa can last for a couple of generations at least. Unlike fabric sofas that can tear easily and wear away, leather sofas are resilient to all but the most forces. This means that with an extra coat of protective sealant, it is more pet-friendly than your average cloth-covered furniture. True, it does require maintenance every few months to keep the leather supple and tear-free, but the special leather cleaners required for the process are inexpensive and widely available. Don’t use regular soap for cleaning as it can damage the leather or cause it to rot. Always clean spills promptly by blotting off the excess liquid and wiping gently with the right kind of detergent.

Some people find that leather becomes very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. This is because leather tends to take on the temperature of its surroundings. Usually, leather furniture kept indoors does not fluctuate as much as seating in a car, for example. Since it is a natural product, it does breathe and allows the seated person to remain pleasantly cool even in the summer. It should be kept out of direct sunlight, however, so that it does not become too hot or lose its coloring.

Keeping leather furniture as beautiful as the day it was bought can be a gratifying experience. With normal usage, a simple dusting and a monthly vacuum between the crevices is all it takes to keep your leather in top shape. A deep clean with a leather treatment chemical is recommended twice a year. Always spot test any new products you use in an inconspicuous spot before applying it everywhere. If you plan on going away for a while, wrap your furniture with sheets to prevent dust from settling on it. If you maintain your leather furniture regularly and correctly, it will last years without needing attention.

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