Tips To Improve The Page Rank Of Your Website

increase-page-RankAs a website owner, you always wish your website to get ranked top in the search engines. By ranking well on the search engines, your website would get more traffic and generate more profits. By increasing the rank of a website is not something that easily happens for most people. There are lots of works to be done for making a website rank top in the search engine results. Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most recommended way to improve the ranks; however, it could be risky too. Sometimes, search engines may penalize your website, if you overdo the SEO process.

Once your website gets penalized, then it would be very difficult for you to increase your website rank. In this article, we will provide some tips for improving search engine rankings of your website, without getting penalized. First, you should assess the current ranking of your website. This helps you know where your website is currently standing in the search engines. There are many websites, which allow you find the rank of the website for specific keywords.

Next, you have to check the speed of your website. You may be already aware that major search engines do not give priority to the websites that load and works very slow. You can find the website speed using various free online tools. These tools would tell you how long your website takes to get downloaded on the browser. There are many things that can affect the speed of your website. You may have to work with your website developer to remove the factors that reduce the speed of your website.

Next process is checking the health of your website. By finding the health of the website, you would whether you website is deindexed or penalized or sandboxed by the search engine. Deindexed refers to a website being completely removed by the search engine, otherwise called as banned. When your website deindexed, your domain in will never show the search engines, even when you type your domain name in the search box. When a website is penalized, your website will not show up in SERP for none of the direct keywords.

When your website sandboxed, your website will not receive any organic traffic, even though they are not penalized or deindexed by the search engine. After you have done the above process, you have to check the metrics of your website to find out the areas needed to be improved. Some of the important metric to be included are organic traffic, organic traffic conversions and keyword ranking.

Getting ranked on the first page of the search engine result is not a simple task and can be even a herculean task. You can utilize the service of any of the SEO company to have your website ranked on top of the search engine results. Hiring the service of SEO company let you focus on other core areas of website development like content publishing, editing, etc. You could find an SEO company by simply browsing the Internet. You have to read the reviews and testimonials, before choosing an SEO company.

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